Monday, April 9, 2012

Glam up your Monday: Relaxing bath 
Hi lovelies

Do you know that feeling, Monday morning, alarm buzzing and you have to get up for another week of school or work. How depressing ! 

I'm gonna tell you how to start your week off on a good note. All you have to do is pamper yourself on Monday evening, make Monday your free evening off the week so you are still motivated for the rest of the week.

What I like to do to relax is taking a bath and put on a hair mask and face mask.

Step 1: Fill your bath with hot water and ad some lavender bath salt, I like using the Kneipp one. 

Step 2: Turn the lights off and light some of your favorite candles

Step 3: Put your hair mask on and tie you hair in a knot, I love the L'oréal hair masks, especially the re-nutrition one, it smells just like honey. Delicious! 

Step 4: Apply your favorite face mask, I recommend the Mario Badescu Whitening mask, it really works, I'll do a separate review on it.

Step 5: Relax !

Have a nice week !

xoxo B.

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