Thursday, April 4, 2013

Current Obsession: Happy April + Tumblr

Hello Lovelies!

Happy April!!! I'm so excited April is here! Spring clean your house, buy some flowers, transition into you spring wardrobe (pastels and colors!!!) and enjoy your life! I love spring time, everyone is happier and you have so much more energy.

I know I have been gone for a while, like in forever, I know. Life happened and my blog wasn't the priority in my life. Starting a blog is hard, you feel like no one is reading it. But I realized that it doesn't matter how many readers I have, the important thing is to enjoy it and share my passions with the world. If I only inspire 1 person out there, I'm happy. So follow me on my journey to share my passions and grow this blog. Life if too short anyways.

Lately I have been inspired by this quote, I love it so much and It's the honest truth. It fits my life right know really well. I found these 2 picture on tumblr, and I've been OBSESSED with tumblr. I love scrolling through the people I follow but I've been loving to create my own tumblr and search for lovely pictures. Go and follow me here !

I'm Spring Cleaning at this moment ! Go ahead and join me it feels amazing!

Have a nice day!




  1. I finished my spring cleaning when I was home after break. But I am sure that I am in for more after moving back in when school is over. I feel the same about blogging. Sometimes you can feel kind of discouraged and like you are writing for no one. But I enjoy what I write so it's okay!

    1. I pretty much did the partying first and then spring cleaning haha ;) We should encourage each other! The most important thing is enjoying it! Thanks for replying ;)