Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easter Break: Haul !!!

Hey Shopaholics

So I went shopping 2 days ago and I had the best day! It had been ages that I went shopping, which I think is crazy! I already enjoyed walking around in the stores and spotting the new trends, but obviously I made some purchases myself. First we went hair product shopping and then I made a exciting purchase! We had some champagne to end our shopping trip and the best part: they were handing out FREE (!) Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!

1. Organix "Moroccan Argan oil Conditioner" (I'm using both shampoo and conditioner, and they're amazing, I ran out of the conditioner so I picked up a new one)

2. Macadamia "Healing oil spray" (I heard great reviews about this brand, so I picked up this oil. First impression: It smells amazing and makes my hair soft and shiny)

3. Tangle Teezer "Salon Elite" in Pink Fizz (Omg, why haven't I bought this before, it's amazing! Makes your hair so soft!)

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs "Dreamy logo Neoprene 13"(This color is discontinued, you might find it in some boutiques, you can stil have this model in other colors like Fluoro Fuchsia and Peony) This was my exciting purchase, I love it so much, it's crazy bright pink and it makes me happy, and it looks so nice and fabulous, I got a MacBook Pro a couple of months ago and now It has a fab new home!  

2. Forever 21 "Silver Anchor necklace"

1. Forever 21 "Black & White striped peplum top"(belt included)

Forever 21 "all 3 headbands"

What is your favorite item I got? Any questions or request for a review, comment below :)

Have a lovely almost weekend ;)

xoxo Blair

Monday, April 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary Blair Bendel !!! 1 year old !

Hey Lovelies

On the 8th of April, 2012 I started this blog, 1 year ago !!! It's so weird that my blog already exists 1 year, crazy :) I know I took a very long break, but It's still crazy. Happy Anniversary to myself!

The experience of blogging has been fun, and I'm motivated again to start a new journey.  A lot has happened in 1 year. Last year I was at home with a virus, and now I'm redoing my year at school, and I just found out that I got the permission to go studying in Paris for a couple of months next year !!! I'm so excited, can't believe it!

Imagine waking up in Paris every morning and eating macarons or croissants as breakfast, walking on the Champs-Elysées on the way to school...ok stop dreaming now! First I have to finish this year!

I feel like life is going by so fast, I'm becoming 20 years old in June, and omg, just writing it down makes me freak out, 19 sounds and look a lot better haha

I'm excited to continue blogging the following year, and please help me grow it a little bit :)

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Sending some love, cake and balloons...

xoxo Blair

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Current Obsession: Happy April + Tumblr

Hello Lovelies!

Happy April!!! I'm so excited April is here! Spring clean your house, buy some flowers, transition into you spring wardrobe (pastels and colors!!!) and enjoy your life! I love spring time, everyone is happier and you have so much more energy.

I know I have been gone for a while, like in forever, I know. Life happened and my blog wasn't the priority in my life. Starting a blog is hard, you feel like no one is reading it. But I realized that it doesn't matter how many readers I have, the important thing is to enjoy it and share my passions with the world. If I only inspire 1 person out there, I'm happy. So follow me on my journey to share my passions and grow this blog. Life if too short anyways.

Lately I have been inspired by this quote, I love it so much and It's the honest truth. It fits my life right know really well. I found these 2 picture on tumblr, and I've been OBSESSED with tumblr. I love scrolling through the people I follow but I've been loving to create my own tumblr and search for lovely pictures. Go and follow me here !

I'm Spring Cleaning at this moment ! Go ahead and join me it feels amazing!

Have a nice day!