Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mermaid Beauty: My favorite Waterproof Mascara

Hello Beauties 

Ever wondered how mermaids always look so pretty, while swimming all the time and rolling in the sand. Well I found their first secret! 

I love summer, laying out in the sun next to the pool or at the beach, but I'm a beauty girl and I always like to wear some makeup. In particular, I love to always accentuate my eyes, and that's why mascara is my best friend. 

You know those panda eyes after swimming, although you didn't rub your eyes? Been there, done that. Last year I discovered the best waterproof mascara (I tried so far) and it is the Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara by L'Oreal Paris

First of all I love this mascara in general, it really separates your lashes, and yes it does give you the million lashes look. It also makes your lashes fuller, which is great since I don't wear eyeliner at the pool/beach. And it still gives you a natural more feathery look. 

But the Waterproof formula is amazing, your mascara just stays on, it doesn't smudge or run down your face, it just sticks to your lashes. I cried, swam, sweated in this mascara and it's amazing.

That means you also need to get a good makeup remover, I know L'Oreal has a good one and I've also heard great things about MAC cleanse off oil.

I hope this was helpful and let me know what your favorite waterproof mascara is.

Bye Bye scary looking panda eyes.

xoxo B.

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