Friday, June 22, 2012

Fragrance Friday: Abercrombie & Fitch no.1

Hello Lovelies! 

Finally I'm here with the second Fragrance Friday. I've been thinking about doing this for weeks, but every Friday I'm busy, and posting a Fragrance Friday on a Saturday just doesn't feel right ;)

I recently got this new perfume for my Birthday and I'm absolutely obsessed with it. I've been obsessed with Abercrombie in general. I bought it on my actual B-day, which I just thought that was cool, and hey, who doesn't want to look at the gorgeous AF models on your B-day.

A couple of months ago I was in Paris, and I smelled this perfume. If you smell it directly from the bottle it's not really like, gosh I love it. But I sprayed it on me and on a little card and during the day I just kept on smelling the card and I was addicted to it. I'm always hesitating whether to buy stuff or not. Since I just bought a Dior perfume I thought that 1 perfume was enough. So when I was home I regretted it so much that I didn't bought it, so then I knew I loved the perfume.

First of all I love the bottle. The shape is very classic, and I love the detailing on the side. Obviously I love the navy bow, I love anything that has a bow on it.

Second, the smell. I would describe it as a clean, fresh, feminine smell but still girly and sexy. It's definitely not the typical sultry, floral scent. It's the perfect all around scent, day and night, summer and winter. I don't know what they add to it, but it's addictive. It's a more mature scent, but still girly (but not in the sweet, floral way). I just feel very clean, fresh and I just think I smell very good when wearing this. It's my new everyday signature scent. I love it because it is very different than my other perfumes.

AF describes it as: Fresh, effortless and undeniably feminine, perfume no.1 is incredibly luxurious and uniquely carefree. af’s sexy signature scent was created by the world’s most sought after perfumers; the fragrance combines fresh peony, tangelo, white pepper, sandalwood and crisp white pine

Top Notes: Tangerine and Pomelo (Tangelo) 
Middle Notes: Fresh Peony (My favorite flower)
Base Notes: Sandalwood and Crisp white Pine

I also got a lot of mixed comments on it. It's definitely a yes or no perfume, you love it, or you don't. A lot of people said it smells amazing, and others didn't like it that much and thought it was a little to unisex, which makes sense because sandalwood is used in a lot of male perfumes.

Anyways, I love it and I'm addicted, and that's what counts. I hope you loved this post and found it helpful. Let me know below what your favorite all around signature scent is.

Which perfume do you want to see next?

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

xoxo B.

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